the details

daily schedule

jour de yang

jour de yin

6h00 - 7h00 Silent Meditation

7h00 - 7h30 Chai Time

7h30 - 9h00 Power Yoga

9h00 - 10h30 Breakfast

10h30-12h00 Workshop et Playtime

12h00-17h00 Free Time/ Activities

17h00-18h30 Power Yoga

19h00- 20h30 Dinner/ Free Time 

7h00 - 7h30 Chai Time

7h30 - 9h00 Yin Yoga

9h00 - 10h30 Breakfast

10h30- 12h00 Workshop et Playtime

12h00- 17h00 Free Time/ Activities

17h00- 18h30 Pranayama

19h00- 20h30 Dinner

20h30- 21h30 Guided Meditation

In addition to the daily schedule (see details above), take advantage of our:

- exciting boat trip along the bay*

- exhilarating waterfalls*

- fascinating spice fields*

- pristine beaches*


...and treat yourself to:

- world-famous massages (Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Reiki, Deep Tissue...)**

- luxurious spa treatments (body scrubs and more...)**

* included in the package price

** additional fees apply

fees for the week

Beach Cottage with single occupancy         750,00 €

Beach Cottage with double occupancy       500,00 € PP

iain kévin waite - Yoga Teacher in Paris